Music is the Best …

… said Frank Zappa once.

Some of his works are still being debated, I mean, whether they fall into this category at all. But yes, I mean no, comparisons and categorizations are for sure by no means applicable to music. Music is music, no matter what the industry, the casting show, Mom or Dad, or your children, or the academic may want to tell you. You feel it. Period.

Music is like nutrition for the soul but then again absolutely without a purpose. The other stuff is “Ersatzmusik” as one friend once called it. A means to an end. To make you buy more, essentially. In that elevator in that department store, in that restaurant, on that radio station and in that movie. This is not music, this is product.

There are people, usually those too lazy to work, who promote competition. Those who let others work for them. Of course competition lowers the cost and increases the quality (at least they believe this crap). In music competition is futile, as in most other areas of life. Imagine a band or orchestra and the members trying to be first to end the song or being the loudest.

Music moves you, makes you happy or sad for no particular reason. And if you make it yourself, and that includes dancing, clapping, clicking your fingers, humming etc., it doesn’t make you any richer or famous but, when done correctly, transforms you into a better, nicer and happier human being.

Guess this it worth more than fame and fortune.