Derek Sivers about Apple and Steve Jobs

On his blog about cooperating with Apple. From the archive but still holds true.

This guy is a saint in the music world, founder of CD Baby . One who really loves music, a trained circus clown and musician himself.

As opposed to a guy with an inflated ego, nothing he created by himself, a boring outfit and a kind of hypnotic aura. Who wasn’t in it for the music at all. Yes, he made all the right moves but he has never won me over as a fan.

I wish all these Apple fanboys and -girls would notice that this was never the sympathetic guy from next door but just another coldblooded businessman. To be in business with Apple, should you have the chance, would be closer to slavery, the kind Lincoln fought.

When will people understand not to follow when everybody else follows? When will they understand that monopolies, proprietary systems, cartels, oligopolies, tribe marketing,  outsourcing manufacturing to sweatshops etc. don’t help to make this world a better place. It only helps to fill someone’s pockets.

Diversity and entrepreneurship, small companies and fresh approaches is what we need.

Not another reckless IT giant.