Manifesto of the Confused (2011)

This is going to be one of the foremost intellectual manifestos only paralleled by other masters of absurdity like Monty Python, any religious leader, some great figures of human history and not to forget Mickey Mouse.

You are not really interested in me as I am not really interested in you. Otherwise I would write about your likes, dislikes, suffering or what makes you happy. Right?

Which leads to the next dilemma. We always tend to believe that right is right, very much depending on our upbringing, parents, school, friends, boss, whatever. But the truth is (whatever truth is…) that everything implies its opposite. Good implies bad, right implies wrong. One cannot be without the other. And, good people as we want to be (our upbringing, christian, jewish, muslim, hindu, buddhist you name it…) we try to be on the right side always which is embedded in our moral code which stems from some holy scriptures of which nobody remembers who wrote them and under which motivation.

The truth is (s.a.) that our country, our religion, our language, our culture, our skin colour, our flag etc. is per definition right. Right? Well, not if you look at it from your neighbour’s perspective (the Russians, the Americans, the Chinese, the Hindus, the Muslims, you geddit…).

Which leads directly to Nietzsche who knew a thing or two about philosophy and religion. He most famously said that God is dead and try to prove him wrong. But the more interesting bit of his worldview is that humans in our age are just a transitional type, maybe replaced by some sort of Übermensch, a godlike creature who doesn’t need a moral code because he IS moral. Sure, just another concept but one which is to be found in most major religions and modern politics. Democracy and the fact (?) that God is in every creature, everywhere in nature is a hint.

Now, when you get somewhere and your fellow Germans ask you where you’re from we are back to stone age, then they may have  just killed the one entering their cave. These guys said they have nothing to hide, they are proud of their country (football etc.) and you immediately know that you/they are “right”. Wrong. If I were a terrorist I would carry a German passport and flag. Goddit?

If Nietzsche and some other great visionaries were right we will find that these divisions based on a particular moral are the real root of all evil, wars, destruction and suffering.

May take another 100.000 years. Until then let’s enjoy our false sense of security and the implied contradictions.

Gustave Le Bon…

… hat, wie alle Sozialwissenschaftler, und da schließe ich mich ausdrücklich mit ein, viel Stuss in seinem Leben erzählt.

In seinen hellen Momenten kamen aber auch solche Sachen heraus:
“Nie haben die Massen nach Wahrheit gedürstet. Von den Tatsachen, die ihnen missfallen, wenden sie sich ab und ziehen es vor, den Irrtum zu vergöttern, wenn er sie zu verführen vermag. Wer sie zu täuschen versteht, wird leicht ihr Herr, wer sie aufzuklären sucht stets ihr Opfer.”

Was man da dran machen kann, ist er aber schuldig geblieben.

Winter, Kinder

Stets jedes Buch gelesen,
das schon gewesen
als es grad geschrieben ward.

Nie genesen von der Krankheit, die sich Wahrheit nennt,
die jeder kennt und doch nie traf,
die sich wie ein Hund freut, wenn Du heimkommst,
jeden Knochen liebt, den man ihr hinwirft
und doch nur eins will:


Nietzsche und der Irrsinn

Wahrscheinlich ist er an Syphilis gestorben, kleinen miesen Bakterien, die ihm geistig gegen Ende seines Lebens zugesetzt haben. Er hatte ein schweres Los, immer weniger Freunde und war wohl deswegen so merkwürdig, weil er sich den Merkwürdigkeiten des Lebens ausgeliefert hat und versuchte, das alles unter einen Hut zu kriegen.

“Der Irrsinn ist bei Einzelnen etwas Seltenes – aber bei Gruppen, Parteien, Völkern, Zeiten die Regel.”